March 11, 2022

Colorblind-Friendly SET

I love the card game SET. I’ve had the same well-worn card deck since I was eight (the rules of the game are in the linked Wikipedia article if you’re not familiar). Unfortunately, I have quite a few red-green colorblind friends, and SET was basically designed to be impossible for them to play:

SET cards

So, I made a colorblind-friendly version! Here are the images I used:

New SET cards

and here’s what they look like printed in real life!

New fronts

New back

I’m pretty damn happy with how they turned out - the only thing I’d change is making the purple lighter so the outlined ones are easier to distinguish from the black. Hilariously, I designed these using Google Slides because I didn’t know of any other free online drawing software that had a good set of shapes and the kind of autopositioning I needed. Later I found out that Google Drawing exists, but given that I was designing distinct cards, Google Slides was actually a better fit. I’ve been told that Google Slides as the best option for this kind of thing is a travesty, but I thought it worked out great (despite this completely on-point takedown of their UX).

If you would like to use the images I created, here’s the Github repo, which includes all of the PNGs, including the back, and the original deck is here. I ordered from MakePlayingCards, and they came out really well - high quality printing and materials. If this ends up being useful to you, I’d be really happy and would be even happier if you’d let me know!